Trolmaster Aqua-X Water Content 3 in 1 Sensor (WCS-2)

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NEW! TrolMaster’s WCS-2 Water Content Sensor is specifically designed to measure the water content data (percentage), AND now temperature, and the EC of the grow media!! This product can only be used with either the Aqua-X, Aqua-x Pro, or Hydro-X Pro Control System. Combine with the Trolmaster Aqua-X Package for a kit price and get even more value and functionality!

WCS-2 instruction manual here. 

Each WCS-2 sensor includes a five-prong sensor assembly connected to an LCD communication module (Display Screen & Button). To use the WCS-2, bang the five-prong sensor into the grow media (soil, coco, Rockwool, whatever, and note, unlike the Bluelab Pulse Soil Moisture sensor, this DOES work in Rockwool!)

The prong is normally inserted/best inserted horizontally about ⅓ of the way up from the bottom of the grow media container or rockwool block.  

You can connect multiple Water Content Sensors (up to 8 on the NFS-1 controller). The Aqua-X Pro NFS-2 will display the value of the 3 parameters (grow medium temperature, moisture level and EC) of each individual sensor.   

When using TrolMaster’s free TM+ app, you can see the water content %, temperature, and EC of the growing media on your Smartphone. You can view historical data graphs on the app and also receive notifications if the WCS-2 readings exceed your highest or lowest alarm settings.

Note:  The cord must be installed to the side, not up or down, as placing the sensor horizontally will result in average data measurement. For proper installation guidance, please refer to the image above. To obtain optimal performance and accurate results from the sensor, proper installation is crucial.

The information from the WCS-2 is displayed in real-time on the WCS module itself, or on the NFS-1, NFS-2, HCS-2, AND also the smartphone app (you will however need to hook your station to a router for the app to work. We suggest getting a PAYG Sim and a suitable 3g router such as the Tenda 4g Router or the Huawei B311; basically, you're looking for a router that can run using a PAYG Sim rather than a phone line)

Up to 8 WCS-1 sensors can be connected to a single Aqua-X unit. If connecting multiple sensors, the displayed value will be an average of all of the sensors connected.

  • LCD Display
  • Addressing button
  • Water content real-time measurements
  • Alarm when setpoint has been exceeded

How to Use: Connect directly to your Aqua-X unit to start getting real-time water content readings.

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