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sonicair pro.jpgSonic Air PRO Humidifier
Sonic Air Humidifier.jpg
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mist maker floatMist Maker Humidifier Float
MIST MAKER Mist Maker Humidifier Float
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23L ORA Humidifier23L ORA Humidifier
ORA 23L ORA Humidifier
Sale price£210.00
Faran HR-50 Humidifier
FARAN Faran HR-50 Humidifier
Sale price£399.00
Faran HR-15 Humidifier
FARAN Faran HR-15 Humidifier
Sale price£293.00
Faran HR-15 Humidifier with Digital HumidistatFaran HR-15 Humidifier with Digital Humidistat
Faran HR-15 Humidifier with Analogue HumidistatFaran HR-15 Humidifier with Analogue Humidistat
Faran HR-50 Humidifier with Digital HumidistatFaran HR-50 Humidifier with Digital Humidistat
Faran Digital HumidistatFaran Digital Humidistat
FARAN Faran Digital Humidistat
Sale price£149.00
Faran Analogue HumidistatFaran Analogue Humidistat
FARAN Faran Analogue Humidistat
Sale price£62.00
Faran HR-50 Humidifier with Analogue HumidistatFaran HR-50 Humidifier with Analogue Humidistat
Alorair Storm Pro Dehumidifier 70L/DayAlorair Storm Pro Dehumidifier 70L/Day
Save £70.00
Alorair Storm LGR Extreme Dehumidifier 85L/DayAlorair Storm LGR Extreme Dehumidifier 85L/Day
ALORAIR Alorair Storm LGR Extreme Dehumidifier 85L/Day
Sale price£1,560.00 Regular price£1,630.00
electriQ 10 Litre Dehumidifier with HumidistatelectriQ 10 Litre Dehumidifier with Humidistat
DIMLUX Dimlux Humidity Sensor
Sale priceFrom £33.00
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Mist maker 3 discmist maker 5 disc
MIST MAKER Mist Maker Humidifier
Sale priceFrom £60.00
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garden-high-pro-garden-highpro-humipro-humidifier h.jpggarden-high-pro-garden-highpro-humipro-humidifier d.png