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Other Tools ScalpelsOther Tools Single Scalpel Scalpels
N/A Scalpels
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Meters & Sensors Min Max Thermometer & Hygrometer
Hanging Rope Ratchets SetHanging Rope Ratchets Set
GLOBAL AIR Rope Ratchets Set
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Grow Light Timer Heavy Duty Timer
N/A Heavy Duty Timer
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Trimming, Drying & Curing Vacuum Bag
N/A Vacuum Bag
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Grow Media Potting scoop
N/A Potting scoop
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Pest & Diseases Phonescope MicroscopePest & Diseases Phonescope Microscope
Other Tools Loupe with LED Illuminator 40x Garden Detecting Loupe
Other Tools White Plant Labels 25 10cm
Water Pump Growmax Power Grow  - 500 L/D Reverse OsmosisWater Pump Growmax Power Grow  - 500 L/D Reverse Osmosis
Ozone Generator Grow Gadget Plug-in Ozone Genertor
Other Tools Zipper Door
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Other Tools Method Seven Cultivator LEDfx EyewearOther Tools Method Seven Cultivator LEDfx Eyewear
Water Pump Growmax - Maxquarium 000ppm R.O. Filter Unit - 500 L/Day
Hanging Zinc Plated Screw Hook
N/A Zinc Plated Screw Hook
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Meters & Sensors Plastic Budget Thermometer
Other Tools Dekton Compact Staple GunOther Tools Dekton Compact Staple Gun
N/A Dekton Compact Staple Gun
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Hanging Jack Chain Single x 10m BoxHanging Jack Chain Single x 10m Box
Hanging Easy Roll Light Hanger (Pair)
Hanging Heavy duty Rope Ratchets SetHanging Heavy duty Rope Ratchets Set
Other Tools MABO Automatic Fire Extinguisher