Heavy duty Rope Ratchets Set


Sale price£11.95


Rope Ratchet hangers come as a pair for securely hanging almost anything such as a carbon filter or reflector. When used as a pair, the combined weight that they can suspend is anything up to 135kg, or one can be used to carry up to 67.5kg.

The ratchet hangers are very reliable items of equipment that are very tough and never slip. Highly recommended!

  • Designed to handle up to 135kg (297lb)
  • Great for larger fan and filter combinations
  • Features large, super-strong hooks to secure things in place
  • Comes in an eye-catching blue colour that offsets the rest of your grow room nicely!
  • Utilises 170cm, high-tensile rope to support the weight
  • Extremely high quality
  • Items can be raised by simply pulling on the cord
  • Items can be lowered again by flicking the ratchet lever catch

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