GrowMax Water High Flow Booster Pump Kit


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Optimise your system by increasing the inlet water pressure and reducing the amount of wastewater. Recommended for installations with a low water inlet pressure, below 40 psi (3 kg/cm2). Pump pressure increases to 60+ psi (4 kg/cm2).

For use with the Mega Grow 1000 RO System.

Once installed, the rate of water production will be increased.

Production of water can be automated as the High Flow Booster Pump Kit includes a shut off valve, this should only be used if you also install the Float Valve Kit(available seperately) as well.

Full instructions are included with this booster pump kit. Use with the Mega Grow 1000

  • Speeds up water production
  • Solves low mains pressure
  • Can be automated

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