5L RAM UltraSonic Humidifier

RAMSKU: 2405

Sale price£45.00


The RAM Ultrasonic Humdifier allows the grower to increase the humidity of the growing environment up to 400ml / hour. Complete with a 5L tank, this humidifier is fully adjustable and easy to use. Power - 30w Voltage - 220-240v. 

There are 3 GREEN lights on this unit; 

  • On the front and turns on when its plugged in to a power socket
  • The other two (one is also on the front and another inside the unit) only turn on when there is power and there is water and when the humidifier knob is turned to humidify.

Pair this with the InkBird Humidity Controller for extra control and to save you fill up the tank as often! With the Inkbird humidity controller you can accurately set the humidity you want for your room, and it will turn on/off the humidifier as required! Check it out here !

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