Trolmaster Aqua-X Water Content Sensor (WCS-1)


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The Water Content Sensor WCS-1 allows users to monitor the percentage of water and nutrients within the grow medium. This is essential for maximising control over your irrigation cycles. If you want to monitor EC and PH pf your grow medium, check out the newer WCS-2

The moisture level/water content is displayed in real-time on the WCS module itself, the Aqua-X NFS-1 and also the smartphone app (you will however need to hook your NFS-1 to a router for the app to work. We suggest getting a PAYG Sim and a suitable 3g router such as the Tenda 4g Router or the Huawei B311; basically you're looking for a router that can run using a PAYG Sim rather than a phone line)

Up to 8 WCS-1 sensors can be connected to a single Aqua-X unit. If connecting multiple sensors, the displayed value will be an average of all of the sensors connected.


  • LCD Display
  • Addressing button
  • Water content real time measurements
  • Alarm when setpoint has been exceeded

How to Use: Connect directly to your Aqua-X unit to start getting real-time water content readings.

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