TrolMaster Aqua-X Sensor Board for Irrigation Control System (AMP-2)

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AMP-2 Sensor Board ; you need this is you want to use the Aqua-X PH and EC/ Temp probes!

The AMP-2 module connects the Aqua-x to a set of precision pH / EC & temperature probes to constantly measure the pH / EC & temperature of the water being sampled. The AMP-2 works with the TrolMaster PCT-1&2 and the PPH-1&2 probes. Once connected to the Aqua-x, the AMP-2 will display the sensor data on the Aqua-x and on the APP. The minimum and maximum “limits” can be set on the Aqua-x providing 24/7 notification of pH / EC or temperatures that are out of limits.

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