Trolmaster Aqua-X Irrigation Control System (NFS-1)

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Finally on UK shores! The Aqua-X from Trolmaster is a commercial and professional irrigation control system, fully customisable and modular in design. Utilising this in your space enables you to control up to 30 separate irrigation zones. To hook your NFS-1 to a smartphone app, you will need internet. Unless there is a router by your grow room where you want your NFS-1 (or you have a ridiculously long RJ45 cable), we suggest getting a PAYG Sim and a suitable 3g router such as the Tenda 4g Router or the Huawei B311; basically, you're looking for a router that can run using a PAYG Sim rather than a phone line)

There are three types of control boards:

  • The 24Vac control board OA6-24 is for controlling up to 6 solenoid valves.
  • The 110Vac control board 016-110 is for controlling up to 6 submersible pumps.
  • A 110Vac control outlet DSP-1 for controlling an irrigation pump of up to 10Amps.

Timers can be set up to operate at specific times of the day for specific durations down to as little as 1 second on time. Users are able to monitor pH, EC and water temperature buy using the AMP-2 sensor board.


  • Hugely versatile
  • Gives users the ability to control irrigation
  • Can control up to 30 irrigation zones
  • Fully customisable and modular in design
  • Data collected can be viewed from a smart phone app

In The Box

  •   1 x Aqua-X Irrigation Controller
  •   1 x Water Detector (for alerting you to leaks...of flooding!:( )
  •   1 x Touch Spot
  •   1 x 12V Power Adapter

For best results, we recommend setting this up in line with the instructions provided NFS-1 TROL MASTER MANUAL

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