Ugro Rhiza Pot9 Quick Fill Grow Bag - 9L


Size: Singles
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No more lugging 18kg bags of media in and out of your spot! These are dehydrated bricks of coco in it's own pot! Just plug in your drippers or leave them dunked in a bucket of water and you're golden. 

This coco block is enriched with endomycorrhizas which in short, drastically improves your plant's ability to absorb water and nutrients via the network of mycorrhizas aka fungi!

Fungi play a vital role in the ecosystem by decomposing and breaking down dead organisms and biological byproducts, liberating the nutrients from within these sources which are then utilised elsewhere in the network of life.

Thanks to its symbiotic association with roots, the endomycorrhizal fungi provide extra nutrients and moisture to the plants - think of the fungi as an extension of the plant's root system which can get into the finest of microscopic gaps! These thin filaments penetrate cell walls, thus forming an extension of the plant root system. 

The quickest way to rehydrate each block is to dunk each into a bucket, or,  stick drippers in them and let them run. However, to speed up further, we recommend adding a wetting agent such as Optic Foliar Transport or Water Genius. These help the water spread quicker and more evenly throughout the block. They're actually a good idea to use whether you're rehydrating your bricks or just during normal feeding. Check out our write-up here!

  • Composition: 40% cocopeat, 30% fibre and 30% chips
  • pH: 5.5 - 6.5
  • EC: <0,6 mS/cm
  • WHC: 600%
  • Net Weight: 900g

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    * Mycorrhizae form a type of symbiotic relationship between fungi and plant roots. The fungi colonize the roots and form a network of filaments called mycelium. In exchange for sugars produced by the plant, the mycorrhizae help to increase the surface area of the roots, improve water and nutrient uptake, and protect the roots from pathogens.

    Coco substrate is obtained by crushing and processing the outermost shell of the coconut and can be used as an alternative option to the more traditional substrates. It offers some excellent water retention and airing properties that help the root system and the plant grow faster. Being a sustainable and biodegradable organic matter it also has natural Trichoderma, a microorganism that fights root rot and stimulates the growth of your plant.

    Advantages of UGro Pot9:

    • You don’t need a pot! The bag has been designed so you can directly grow into it.
    • It is convenient and easy to carry.
    • It is suitable for all types of cultures, outdoors and indoors. Perfect for permanent crops.

    UGro Pot not only is convenient and saves you from buying flowerpots but it is also designed to achieve the highest profitability. Each bag has a specific size that allows for optimisation of the number of plants growing per square meter. For example, you can fit 49 units of Pot4 per 1m2 (7 rows x 7 bags), 25 units of Pot9 (5×5) and 4 units of Pot60 (2×2).

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