Optic Foliar Transport


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Using a wetting agent is one of the easiest ways to get more out of your nutrients! 

Why? When your growing medium is too dry and you're top feeding, you'll sometimes get beading where the water takes time to penetrate through.  And when it does penetrate through, it'll find the quickest path down through the cracks and out the bottom instead of saturating the medium properly.

This results in either:

a) longer feeds / more nutes used as you try to saturate the medium properly - you'll also need to fill the res more often if you're not running a recirculating system. Or,

b) plants not growing to their full potential as you think you've watered them, but in fact the water has just pissed out the bottom through a thin narrow channel down the middle, instead of spreading across the pot.

Optic Foliar TRANSPORT is a revolutionary wetting agent that delivers the active ingredients within your spray into the plant through the leaves stomata, increasing gas exchange and allowing plants to absorb spray solutions. This provides the active ingredients into the plant through the leaves' stomata. The formula increases the gas-exchange level and improves plant nutrients absorption.  

Unlike traditional additives, you can spray Transport on plants in sunlight or when the lights in your grow room are on. You won't need to adjust the pH level. The wetting and spreading agent evenly covers the leaves and sticks to their surfaces. It delivers the formula into the mesophyll layer of the leaves, where the chloroplasts are. Your crops will quickly absorb the plant nutrients and deliver strong and huge harvests.

General Information

  • The formula provides top-quality wetting and spreading capabilities;
  • It's suitable for use during the propagation, growth, and flowering stages;
  • The formula maximizes the absorption of plant nutrients into the mesophyll layer;
  • The product is available in bottles of 60ml capacity.


  • The spray is made for use with the grow lights on;
  • The spray won't cause leaf burns;
  • It doesn't require pH adjustment;
  • It's reliable and easy to use;
  • It's environmentally friendly;
  • It's engineered at Optic Foliar's highest standards of quality and performance.

The Science

The revolutionary Transport delivery and wetting additives send signals to your plants to open the stomata in their leaves, which increases the level of gas exchange and allows your crops to absorb the nutrients. Unlike other traditional agents, you can spray Transport on crops in full sunlight or when the grow lights are on. You don't need to adjust the pH level.

How to Use

For cutting and seedlings, use 5ml of formula per 1L of water. During the grow and bloom cycles increase the quantity up to 7.5ml/1L of water. Mix Optic Foliar's Transport, Watts, and Rev together. Add Atak as optional. Don't adjust the level of the pH and don't add other products or other wetting agents.

After week 4 of the blooming phase, don't spray the fruits and flowers. Store the product in a dark and safe place, away from extreme temperatures. Add Neem oil or Aza Neem or Pyrethrum to improve the results. Use protective gloves when you're handling Transport

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