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Size: 100ml
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Using a wetting agent is one of the easiest ways to get more out of your nutrients! 

Why? When your growing medium is too dry and you're top feeding, you'll sometimes get beading where the water takes time to penetrate through.  And when it does penetrate through, it'll find the quickest path down through the cracks and out the bottom instead of saturating the medium properly.

This results in either:

a) longer feeds / more nutes used as you try to saturate the medium properly - you'll also need to need to fill the res more often if you're not running a recirculating system. or

b) plants not growing to their full potential as you think you've watered them, but in fact the water has just pissed out the bottom through a thin narrow channel down the middle, instead of spreading across the pot.

Likewise, anyone using dehydrated coco blocks (shout out the Ugro 4L and 9L Quick fills!), if you add a wetting agent, they will expand faaar quicker!

Water Genius is a fully organic wetting agent that will help reduce water waste. Ideal for all thirsty plants kept in pots, containers or open soil.  This premium water retainer helps growers save up to 50% on irrigation without sacrificing results. It's suitable for use on soil, compost and coco coir.


  • Reduces water waste by up to 50%
  • Can be used on all pots, hanging baskets, raised beds and open soil
  • Reduces water stress for plants in drought prone areas
  • Great source of carbon for mycorrhizae
  • Non-hazardous
  • How to Use

For best results, apply at a rate of 1-3ml per litre of water every 1-4 weeks throughout the growing season. Once applied, reduce the time your plants are irrigated, or in hand watering systems reduce the quantity you are adding to the pot.

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