Gro-Tank NFT Complete Kit - GT604 (3 - 7 plants)


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The NFT604 is suitable for around 7 (some stack 8!) medium to large plants, just add light and nutrients and you're on your way to supermassive growth.  A constant supply of water and nutrition to the roots combined with unlimited access to oxygen means growers experience up to 4x the yield of traditional soil growing.

Looking for something bigger?? Check out the Multi Duct NFT systems

Plants are placed on the planting channel in either rockwool, jiffy cubes or a similar medium and the roots grow along the channel, benefiting from unrestricted access to oxygen.

Full kit contents:

153cm x 49cm x 19cm – 60L tank
Top Tray & Correx Cover
Delivery Tube
PH Test Kit
25 Foot Spreader Mat

System No. of Plants Dimensions Tank Volume
GT205 1-3 70 x 40 x 20cm 20L
GT424 2-5 112 x 50 x 20cm 45L
GT604 3-7 153 x 50 x 20cm 60L
GT090 2 - 5 90 x 90 x 30cm 70L
GT901 4-9 208 x 50 x 20cm 80L
GT100 4-9 120 x 106 x 22cm 100L

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