Gro-Tank NFT Complete Kit - GT090 (2 - 5 plants)


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Recirculating irrigation system for hydroponic cultivation. The square Nutriculture NFT Gro Tank 90 is suitable for 2 to 5 plants. ideal for metre-wide tents.

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Thanks to the dimensions of 90x90x30cm, the NFT Gro Tank 90 hydroponic system from fits comfortably on an area of ​​one square meter. That is why it is a very popular part of all grow tents with a 100x100cm base. NFT technology promises up to 4x higher harvest than when growing in soil and pots.

The main advantage of NFT Gro Tank 90 recirculation systems is the continuous transport of nutrients, water and oxygen to the roots. The NFT technique is one of the cleanest growing methods because it does not require any substrates except inert rock wool. The plant takes the nutrients it needs from the dressing. For a better understanding, we recommend watching the instructional videos in the product tab.

  • minimal energy consumption
  • the purest form of hydro cultivation, you don't need any substrate, just rockwool
  • NFT guarantees constant plant nutrition
  • low system height 30cm
  • bare roots have constant access to nutrients and oxygen
  • minimal risk of malnutrition or oversaturation of the plant
  • root system free of fungi, diseases, parasites and weeds
  • up to 4x larger harvest than with normal cultivation in soil or substrate
  • very simple assembly, easy handling and trouble-free use
  • usable with all hydroponic fertilizers

70 Litre tank
NFT top-tray
Corriboard top-plate
MJ1000 water pump and
Spreader Mat
PH test kit

System No. of Plants Dimensions Tank Volume
GT205 1-3 70 x 40 x 20cm 20L
GT424 2-5 112 x 50 x 20cm 45L
GT604 3-7 153 x 50 x 20cm 60L
GT090 2 - 5 90 x 90 x 30cm 70L
GT901 4-9 208 x 50 x 20cm 80L
GT100 4-9 120 x 106 x 22cm 100L

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