Gro-Tank NFT Complete Kit - GT205 (1 - 3 plants)


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Entry level system in the GT range, suitable for 1 to 3 plants and a 250 or 400 watt light.

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The Gro-Tank GT205 NFT Kit is the entry level system in the GT range and is suitable for 1 to 3 plants and a 250 or 400 watt light. The GT205 is an all in one hydroponic system that comes complete with:

  • 20 Litre tank
  • NFT top-tray
  • Silver corriboard top-plate
  • MJ320 water pump and fittings
  • Spreader Mat
  • PHdown
  • PH test kit

The Gro Tank 205 NFT systems are self-contained kits containing everything you'll need to get going. NFT is one of the easiest and purest hydroponic techniques, that requires very little maintenance and a minimum of growing media. If you've never tried NFT you will be amazed at the difference with this system, plants grow at incredible rates and are very green and healthy.

System No. of Plants Dimensions Tank Volume
GT205 1-3 70 x 40 x 20cm 20L
GT424 2-5 112 x 50 x 20cm 45L
GT604 3-7 153 x 50 x 20cm 60L
GT090 2 - 5 90 x 90 x 30cm 70L
GT901 4-9 208 x 50 x 20cm 80L
GT100 4-9 120 x 106 x 22cm 100L

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