ThinkGrow Model One - 5ft LED Bars (TLB-2)

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The ThinkGrow Model One LED System comprise of, the LED bars, the drivers and the power cables for you to build your own spec.

TLB-2 5' LED Bar is an advanced LED light bar that includes four spectrum channels, including full spectrum , deep red, far red, and UV. When connected to a TrolMaster controller, the TLB-2 can replicate natural sunlight properties by allowing the user to adjust the actual light spectrum. Each TLB-2 provides 90 watts of light , effectively meeting the needs of ALL phases from vegetative to flowering.

The ThinkGrow Model One LED is a modular horticulture LED lighting solution offering unrivalled customization flexibility, empowering growers to design the ideal grow room at any scale.

The modular design allows growers to customize everything from the light bar and driver to the wiring connection that come in a variety of light bar options, including 4' 90w LED bars and 5' wide light bars.

In addition, the Inner-canopy light bar ICL-300, can distribute light within the canopy, enhancing yield by optimizing light distribution. This approach focuses on improving light distribution rather than merely increasing the power output from the top light to penetrate the canopy top. It's an optimal solution for balancing energy efficiency and yield.

The Model One System also features the Daisy-chain power cables. These innovative cables combine both power and control signals into a single line, or expand upon your lighting system by allowing you to daisy-chain additional drivers. Thanks to the system’s modular design, growers can effortlessly tailor-make the total output power by daisy-chaining all the light drivers together. This represents the future of efficient and effective horticulture lighting, streamlining the process for growers and enhancing productivity.

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