ThinkGrow 4 Inner Canopy LED Bar (ICL-300) - 120w

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Versatility in one bar; under lighting or inter lighting - you choose! 

The ThinkGrow Model One LED System 4ft Inner Canopy LED Bar with built-in 120 Watt Driver, will revolutionize high-density indoor growing.

When applying light to plants only from above the plants, leaves and sections of the plant below the top “canopy” of the plant suffer from low light levels. That is the exact problem the ICL-300 is designed to fix.

The ICL-300 emits light in a 300 degree pattern so that when positioned below the canopy, the sections of the plant under the canopy can also get the light they need to produce higher quality and yields. By applying some light to the middle of the plant structure, the user can eliminate lower quality flower formation and replace it with healthy flowers. The modular design of the ICL-300 allows them to be used in all installations regardless of the shape or size of the growing area.

*Power cord and stands are not included.

Model: ICL-300
Input Power: 120W
Voltage: 100-277VAC, 50/60Hz
PPF: 314 umol/s
Humidity: 5~95%RH
Lifetime: L90: >54,000 hours
Temperature Range: 32-104°F (0-40°C)
Dimensions: 46.21"L x 3.60"W x 2.64"H
Weight: 6.17 lbs (2.8 kg)
IP Rating: IP56
Warranty: 5 years standard warranty

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