ThinkGrow LED Stand for ICL-300 (TSD-1)

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The TSD-1 is a single unit stand designed specifically for use with the ICL-300 (Inner Canopy LED bar). It’s an essential component for any grower’s setup looking to stabilize their inner canopy lights at even levels.

How it Works: Each ICL-300 unit should be supported by 2x TSD-1 stands. With every pair of TSD-1 stands, you can hold 1-2 columns of ICL-300.

It is always suggested to use at least 2 TSD-1 stands in conjunction with the ICL-300. However, when arranging a line of several ICL-300 LED bars, the row can be conveniently expanded by positioning additional TSD-1 between the ICL-300 bars.

Users can apply up to 2 columns of LED bars in the row if needed

Suggested Setup: For a setup consisting of 12x ICL-300, you would require 13x TSD-1 stands. This ensures optimal stability and functionality of your canopy lights.

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