Optic Foliar Evios IPM - Plant Protection


Size: 250ml
Sale price£28.00


A new style of natural bug spray that utilizes non-traditional plant extracts to make your garden pest free. A non-oil-based no odour solution that combats a wide variety of pests while also allowing you to apply in full sunlight without having to spray the undersides of leaves. The only late-stage flower-safe solution.

Evios is best used with Transport our delivery agent; so you mix together and spray the tops of the leaves only, it enters the plant through the mesophyll layer (upper epidermis of the leaf)

Double up with Optic Foliar's Overgrow to turbocharge your plants, and you are on to a winner!!! Use Evios in rotation with Overgrow, every 2-3 days. Proven when used in a rotation have shown to be a great foliar programme that can really make plant maintenance a lot easier!


  • Add 10ml of Evios with 10ml of Transport to 1L of water.
  • DO NOT adjust Ph levels of the solution.
  • Shake & Spray weekly or as needed. 

Usage Notes:

  • Can be applied lights on
  • Basic PPE is recommended for anyone with a sensitive respiratory system
  • Can be mixed and stored long term.
  • Store in a cool dark place away from heat and light.

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