Optic Foliar Overgrow


Size: 1L
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Overgrow is a ready-to-use spray, which corrects nutrient deficiencies and protects your plants. The solution prevents and fights all pests and moulds, which could attack your plants. It's an all-in-one spray with no side-effects from residuals to leaf burn.

Increase crop development and performance, while spraying in full sunlight. The solution increases the nutrient content with the leaves of your plants

You won't experience any negative effects such as residuals or leaf burn. Always achieve healthy and strong harvests with Overgrow, which includes the full spectrum of micronutrients, NPK, vitamins, amino acids, and sugars to drive growth and improve photosynthesis.

  • Fights against pests, nutrient deficiencies, and moulds
  • Decreases stress and increases vigour and health;
  • Doesn't require pH adjustment;
  • Ready-to-use spray formula;
  • Spray with the lights on without risking leaf burn
  • Only spray the topside of the leaves!

How to Use

Veg Stage:  Ready to use solution, spray plants every 2-3 days until run off

Flower: Spray plants every 2-3 days, then taper off to every other day up to 2 weeks prior to harvest.

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