Global Air Supplies Intelligent Humidity Controller Dual (IHC MULTI)


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The Intelligent Humidity Controller Dual (IHC Dual) runs any humidifier 240v, but you can also connect a Sonic Air Pro humidifier and a Quest dehumidifier! No need to have two separate controllers fighting each other. 

If you JUST want / have a sonic air pro humidifier, then you can get the cheaper IHC PRO ONLY

  • Runs any 240v humidifier
  • 7-day data logger, so you can scroll through all the data.
  • Probes completely detachable
  •  Controller doesn't need a power cable if running a Sonic Air Pro

Instructions for the Intelligent Humidity Controller Dual

Gain precision control of your grow room environment with the Intelligent Humidity Controller (IHC) Dual. The most advanced humidity controller, developed by Global Air Supplies to date.

The IHC Dual prevents humidity spikes within your grow room by controlling both SonicAir Pro humidifiers and gold-standard dehumidifiers. The controller intelligently learns to maintain the perfect humidity and dynamically changes the humidity based on the room temperature.

Additionally, the IHC Dual has both day and night settings and a built-in data logger which records the temperature and humidity within a room for up to 7 days. This gives growers the ultimate control of humidity levels to VPD (vapour pressure deficit) or relative humidity.

  • Precision Control: The IHC Dual offers unparalleled precision when it comes to managing humidity levels in your grow room. Giving you the ability to change and monitor the humidity of your grow room throughout every stage of the plant growth cycle.
  • Dual-Mode Operation: With the ability to control both a humidifier and dehumidifier simultaneously, you have complete command over your indoor climate. Achieve the ideal humidity balance effortlessly.
  • Intelligent Sensors: Equipped with advanced sensors, our controller continuously monitors the humidity levels in your space. It then makes real-time adjustments to maintain your chosen humidity setting.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive LCD screen and easy-to-use controls make it simple for anyone to set their preferred humidity levels. No technical expertise is required!
  • Customisable Settings: Tailor your indoor environment to your liking with customisable day and night settings.
  • Energy-Efficient: Our controller is designed to optimize energy usage, helping you save on utility bills while maintaining humidity. It knows when to power down your devices for maximum efficiency.
  • Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing that your indoor environment is being expertly managed. The IHC Dual offers the peace of mind you deserve.

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