Cultiwool 6" Huge Block


Option: Single block
Sale price£2.89


Like the Grodan Hugo but without the Grodan name (and with one hole instead of the wierd extra "dripper" hole)

The 6" Cultilène Cube with Large Hole is ideal for use with the larger Cultilène cubes or round Cultilène plugs. The cubes have an effective air-to-water ratio and a reliable homogeneity with great strength and dimensional stability and excellent controllability. This media is inert and pathogen free.  

Measures 150mm x1 50mm x 142mm

 Check out our 6" Floracaps which fit perfectly on top !! Also check out the Cultiwool Mini Slab; These 6" blocks sit perfectly on top for the extra root mass! 

Cultiwool's Big Daddy Blocks can support large plants throughout their lifecycle meaning greenhouse and indoor growers maximise yield per plant. The extra mass means extra physical stability for top-heavy plants and additional protection from algae and root pests thanks to its resistant cover.

Why use Cultiwool? These inert blocks are perfect for those looking to crop steer with different irrigation strategies; they can be resaturated quickly and effectively. The WC (water content) and EC (electrical conductivity) are distributed uniformly throughout the slabs, which means better control over your crop steer irrigation strategy.

Cultiwool - the ideal solution for growers looking for a reliable substrate to support easy irrigation and leaves out all the guesswork!

  • Ample Accommodation for Roots for the possibility of growing humongous plants!
  • Quick Draining for Accurate Plant Steering - check out the Trolmaster WCS-2, and the GrowLink

Cultiwool stone wool is used worldwide by professional cultivators. It allows them to grow top-quality produce with fewer inputs. The basis of a successful crop for a longer period is a substrate with superb and consistent homogeneity.

For whatever unknown nonsense reason, Grodan can't/won't whatever, sell this size block to us UK growers so the guys at Cultiwool have been able to step into the picture to give us a better product... for less!

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