Growlink Precision Irrigation Controller (Global version) - Unit Only

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Designed for farmers who want to push their irrigation capabilities, plant quality and yields to the next level.

Each Precision Irrigation Controller (PIC - the grey box) can connect up to 4 x 24v solenoid valves (Flora Flex Nylon Valve or RPE Solenoid Valve are compatible) and 4 x sensors.  You will need a special pump like the DAB Pump that works under constant pressure; when the solenoid valve opens, the pressure drops and activates (the DAB pump recognises a pressure drop and powers up to maintain the set pressure in the irrigation system). 

The IOS and Android app (English Only) allows you to manage and monitor your irrigation system remotely from your smartphone or tablet. The crop steering rules engine helps you optimize your irrigation schedule for the best crop growth and yield.

The PIC features Wifi and Ethernet connectivity, as well as alerts via email, text, and push notifications with a Growlink subscription. If you have more than one sensor it'll give you an average. You can also set automation rules to turn on your solenoids if WC = X%

With the Growlink App, you can easily visualize your data, evaluate rules performance, and test new optimizations.  Data is accessible from their app for free and most growers are fine working with the free app. However, for those that want more, you get way more data points and detailed graphing available on the web portal with a subscription option (the basic plan costs about 55p a day). Check out their subscription costs here.

  • Crop Steering - Crop steering is an advanced technique that allows you to control plant growth and development by manipulating environmental factors such as irrigation, nutrition, and light. With Growlink AI Crop Steering, you can easily implement crop steering strategies that boost crop production, improve crop quality, and reduce resource waste.
  • Data Visualization - At its core, data visualization is about telling a story with data. By creating visual representations of data, patterns and trends can be identified, relationships can be established, and insights can be gained.
  • Rules Engine - Growlink's rules engine offers a comprehensive solution for building automation system programming. Our Framework provides a unified, platform-independent environment for developing custom control applications that can be deployed across multiple hardware and software platforms.
  • Algorithm Library - Control Algorithms empower you to create customizable rule sequences that adapt to your plants' specific needs in real-time, reacting to changes in temperature, humidity, light, and more. By utilizing advanced algorithms, rules, and AI, you'll have the power to automate and fine-tune your greenhouse environment like never before.
  • Alarms & Alerts - Growlink alarms and alerts notify operators of important events or conditions in the system. Alarms are used to indicate critical events that require immediate attention, while alerts are used to indicate less critical events that require attention but not necessarily immediate action. Growlink supports push, text and email notifications.

For those who want to hook up a Teros12 sensor, you can actually hook it up to the GrowLink with this no more single-spot readings via Bluetooth!!

Wiring Diagram for the Terralink (Blue one) to the PIC.

[From left to right], Red, White, Bare.

If you want to wire more than 4 sensors to a PIC, then check out the Growlink Wiring Diagram

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