Air-Pot RTA Dripper System 4 Pot XL

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The Air-Pot RTA Dripper System is a high-performance pot based drip irrigation system. As well as the convenience of an automated feeding system, watering your plants regularly using drippers considerably improves results over traditional hand watering methods and coupled with the accelerated root development created by the Air-Pot, this dripper system delivers results that can not be matched in any other pot-based system.

Note that the kit is supplied with fittings to fit in a specific configuration. Fitting instructions here.

If you just need the pots, you can find our range of air pots here.

If you just need the Top Spin dripper kits to save you hand feeding on your hands and knees (!!!), take a look at our low pressure and high-pressure top spin dripper kits.

The system can be used with a wide variety of growing media, including soil, coco or expanded clay pebbles. It can be configured to recirculate the nutrient or run to waste. Drip irrigation is supplied via high-quality TopSpin Dripper Manifolds for even nutrient delivery through each dripper stake—two dripper stakes per container. The nutrient reservoir is collapsible, so it is easy to transport and will fit through any sized doorway or opening.

  • Frequent feeding means greater uptake of water and nutrient
  • Roots do not rely on the capillary action of the growing medium
  • Free draining root zone means no nutrient build-up or waterlogging
  • Air-Pruning of the root system grows larger, healthier plants

How it works: Plants are fed through the tops of the Air-Pot containers via the drip irrigation system. The frequency and duration of each watering are set using the Nutrimatic Timer. This timer delivers water and nutrient in a way that mimics the way plants feed in nature, delivering short doses, little and often, with the gap between each irrigation lengthening as the day moves on.

Plants respond well to this feeding pattern and are not left in a saturated medium at lights out. No other timer can do this, and the best part is it’s pre-programmed, so no complicated set-up!

The excess water drains through the Air-Pot containers and into the RTA Stands, piped into the RTA Control Unit. As the water level rises inside the RTA Control Unit, it activates an internal pump that pumps the water either back to the main reservoir for recirculation or directly to waste.

  • Bigger yields-Plants take up more water and nutrients than hand watering in pots as they are fed little and often, and air-pruning the root system accelerates this process
  • Faster growth rates-Air-pruning of plants roots leads to faster growth rates through increased uptake of water and nutrients.
  • More choice-Grow in soil, coco, clay pebbles or rock wool.
  • Choose your method-System can be used as run to waste or to recirculate.
  • Less hassle-Low maintenance. Only one nutrient reservoir for up to 48 plants. Far easier than hand watering.
  • Flexibility- Pots are independent of each other, so you can arrange the system's layout to suit your growing area and pots can be moved around or replaced. The timer can be used to increase the number of feeds as plants develop.

Kit Contents
FlexiTank 225ltr x1,
RTA System XL 4 Pot x 1,
Air-Pot 38ltr x 4,
TopSpin Dripper Kit 16mm (1/2ins) Low Pressure 12-24 Plant x1,
Nutrimatic Timer x 1

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