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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
Save £16.41
Heater Ultra Flat Grow Room HeaterHeater Ultra Flat Grow Room Heater
Sale price£83.59 Regular price£100.00
Ultra Flat Grow Room HeaterEASY GROW
Save £12.00
Humidifier Sonic Air 10L HumidifierHumidifier Sonic Air 10L Humidifier
Sale price£83.00 Regular price£95.00
Sonic Air 10L HumidifierGLOBAL AIR
Meters & Sensors IHC200 Humidity Controller InkBird
Meters & Sensors ITC308 Temperature Controller InkBirdMeters & Sensors ITC308 Temperature Controller InkBird
Air Movement Fan RAM 12" Oscillating Compact Box FanAir Movement Fan RAM 12" Rotating Compact Box Fan
Sale price£23.00
RAM 12" Eco Fan - 3 SpeedRAM
Nutrient Mangement Aqua Master P100 PH & EC Test KitNutrient Mangement Aqua Master P100 PH & EC Test Kit
Meters & Sensors SensorPush HT.w Bluetooth SensorMeters & Sensors SensorPush HT.w Bluetooth Sensor
Nutrients Nano Nutrients - Starter Packs
Meters & Sensors SensorPush Wi-Fi Gateway
Save £10.00
Meters & Sensors SensorPush Bluetooth Sensor + Wi-Fi Gateway
Sale price£150.00 Regular price£160.00
SensorPush Bluetooth Sensor + Wi-Fi GatewaySENSOR PUSH

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