Phytoline - Spider Mite Predators


Size: Vermiculite 500ml Bottle of 2,000 Mites
Sale price£54.00


*SPECIAL ORDER* - comes drop shipped by special recorded delivery DIRECT to you from our UK manufacturer (not a third party). Order them by Wednesday 9 am so you'll get them Friday. 

They will arrive to you FERRR-REESSH. Cheaper ones online get them from overseas and they'll be limp /dead by the time you get them. 

Go beast mode on your spider mites without fear of spoiling your crop. Literally, their sole purpose in life is to eat spider mites..and then die. 

For severe infestations, we recommend bringing in the artillery and combine this product with Californiline - another breed of predators that will make light work of spider mites.

Contains Phytoseiulus persimilis - these are small orange/red predatory mite, has been used for over 50 years. The predatory mite actively hunts and attacks all stages of mite. Very effective against on Tetranychus spp. (two-spotted spider mite).

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