Californiline - Spider Mite Predators - 2,000


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*SPECIAL ORDER* - comes drop shipped by special recorded delivery DIRECT to you from our UK manufacturer (not a third party). Order them by Wednesday 9 am so you'll get them Friday. 

They will arrive to you FERRR-REESSH. Cheaper ones online get them from overseas and they'll be limp /dead by the time you get them. 

The ultimate predator that feasts and makes mincemeat out of spider mites. This bottle contains 2000 Amblyseius californicus, the meaner, double hard b4stard brother of the Phytoline. When spider mites are already present, we advise combining the two predators (Phytoseiulus and Californicus) to eradicate the spider mites. 

Predators need to be used straight away so instore order and pick up only.

How much Californicus do I need?

This bottle will cover roughly 10 - 15 plants.

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