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Size: 250ml
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Shogun Fertilisers Sumo Active Boost delivers a heavyweight bio-stimulant to your feeding regime, specifically designed to work with active hydroponics systems – such as DWC and Flood & Drain systems.

Active Boost works by generating quicker growth, and bigger gains in your yield. The formula includes a phyto-hormone, shown to stimulate flower enhancing functions and giving you all round better tasting and looking plants. It also contains modified amino acids, and these act as anti-stressors in both biotic and abiotic conditions – such as low/high temperature changes.

Various functions within the plant are stimulated when using Active Boost thanks to the natural compounds used, including general growth, photosynthesis, enzyme activity and water uptake. You’ll also find that essential oil production is enhanced, further improving the aroma and taste and maximising all growth.

Active Boost contains all the same active ingredients as the regular Sumo Boost, however the one advantage is that this formula has been designed using a unique emulsion technology. This helps to avoid blockages in drippers and can prevent fermentation in tanks when the product remains in the tank for more than 5 days. This is why it’s perfect for those using active system!

  • Contains a phyto-hormone shown to stimulate various flowering enhancing functions
  • Stimulates growth, photosynthesis , yield, water uptake and enzyme activity
  • Stimulates secondary metabolite production and essential oil production in plants
  • Used as a root feed throughout flowering but with targeted foliar applications for optimal effect
  • Formulated specifically with a unique emulsion technology for in-tank stability for up to 14 days
  • Increases sugar content, proteins and oil
  • Contains a natural green seaweed extract
  • You can use Shogun Sumo Active Boost as a root feed during fruiting and flowering, but with targeted foliar applications to maximise the effect.


Root feed: Add at a rate of 1-2ml/L as soon as the flowering cycle starts, and until harvest. Note that using hydrogen peroxide with this will reduce the efficacy of this product..however, its still better to use hydrogen peroxide than not to keep the nasties at bay!! Personal recommend - Silver Bullet

Foliar feed: Add at a rate of 2ml/L and spray onto leaves. Apply when the flowering cycle starts, and repeat 28 days later.

Please Note: If hand feeding in soil or coco, the regular Sumo Boost will still do the job. The Active Boost is designed especially for active hydroponic systems.

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