Silver Bullet Roots


Size: 1L
Sale price£25.00


Silver Bullet Roots - is designed to specifically actively fight existing plant microorganism and plant diseases that can develop further in an active hydroponics system. Eliminating 99.9% of Root Root Problems and providing key benefits such as:

PREVENTATIVE silver peroxide will prevent fungi ande bacteria developing which can cause disease.

STABILITY - Unlike other hydrogen peroxide Silver Bullet has stability for up to 5 weeks in tanks.

EFFECTIVE Prevents and suppress fungis such as pythium as well as fungicide, bactericide, viricide, sporcide, fungide, algaecide and amoebacide.

OXYGENATING Stimulating growth rates by naturally realising oxygen and increasing nutrient uptake.

WHITENING You see much whiter and healthy roots.

HARMLESS All Silver Bullet products are on-toxic, non corrosive, pH-neutral, chlorine-free and it doesnt enter the plant at all.

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