Guard Aid Insect Catcher - Sticky Trap


Size: Pack of 5 Sheets
Sale price$5.72


Buy a box and save £10!  Blue ones specfic for thrips can also be purchased here

Catch and identify your pests with this pack of five double-sided glue sheets used to monitor the presence of all flying insects. Use sticky fly traps as part of your routine integrated pest management (IPM) procedure to alert you to a problem before it becomes an infestation.

To use the sticky traps, simply peel back the cover, use at least one sheet per m2 to make sure all areas are monitored. If the plants are established, shake the canopy to make the insects take flight.

When the trap is more than half covered, you should replace it. Each trap will last roughly a month.

You can install these traps above the canopy for flying insects or at the base of the plant to alert you to insects that stay close to the ground.

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