Blue Sticky Traps Insect Catcher (Pack Of 20)


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The Blue Sticky Insect Traps utilise a strong and durable wet-stick glue, and are of a larger size than other sticky traps, which makes them ideal for catching high numbers of flying insect pests.

The vibrant blue colour is very attractive to Thrips, ensuring a high land and catch rate for both monitoring and mass catching purposes.

The pack is supplied with 20 traps, enough to last you a significant period and catch plenty of pests.

What do the traps catch?

  • Flying Thrip
  • Leafminers (adults)
  • Lepidopteran pests
  • Shore Fly

How big are the traps?

Each trap is 10cm x 25cm.

How do I set up the traps?

The traps are easy to deploy. Simply peel off the covering and hang the traps with the ties just above the growing head of the plants, or near vents, to catch incoming insect pests.

How long do the traps last?

The traps should be replaced when filled with caught pests, dust and debris. This is vital to ensure maximum capture rates. The pack will last you a good while though as it contains 20 traps.

Where should I use these traps?

These traps are highly suitable for use in greenhouses, polytunnels, growth chambers and hydroponic growing systems. The traps are designed for inside use only.

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