Netafim Netbow Watering Ring - 12.5cm (with 100cm dripper line + 2LPH CNL)


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Net bow circular dripper ring - pimp up your watering system with this easy add-on that ensures even watering through your media.

This 12 cm dripper ring comes with a metre white of dripper line and a 2lph CNL - the CNL is a Compensating non-leakage nozzle which acts as a gateway between the dripper and the delivery line to ensure precise and equal amounts of water are delivered over.

You will need:

  • a strong ass pump like the Aqua Kings - you're looking for "head height" rather than how many LPH the pump does. This is how high in the air, the water can be pumped up - think of this as torque. Forget about trying to use Hailea or MJ pumps for pumping water through CNLs 
  • Floraflex tubing or similar LDPE piping. If you use a normal hose, it may be too thick, and also takes you forever to punch through the pipe
  • A hole puncher like the Floraflex hole puncher. This will make light work of punching holes in. If there was ever a tool that you will be thankful for, its this bad boy.
  • If you're going to use Floraflex piping and an Aqua King, get this Aqua King to Floraflex coupling

If you have a large system with 10+ / pots that are far apart, then we suggest you use the included 2LPH CNL (punch holes in your drop line and stab these things into it!). This means water will only come out of the drippers once a certain amount of pressure has built up in the system - this ensures even watering across the entire system...otherwise, the ones closest to the pump will be fed first and the one at the back will get the least watering!

If you have fewer pots and the pots are close together (ie the travel from the pump to your plants is minimal), then you can just attach these rings to normal dripper manifolds. These rings will fit perfectly onto existing Wilma (aka Origin) systems. With this method,

  • you don't need a strong ass pump (as you're not using the CNLs), but your watering may not be as even...hence its important that you're not trying to blast the water through miles of pipework, otherwise the one at the end won't get fed as much.
  • You'll also need to install an anti-siphon (use a tee piece to connect it), check out the diagram on the top spin drippers product page for more info.
  • Incidentally, if you wanted and have them already, you can replace the drippers on the top spins with these net bows.

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