Aquaking High Pressure Submersible Water Pump


Size: 2007 -3600L/H
Sale price£57.00


Perfect for those looking to move substantial volumes of nutrient solution in large systems. 

DOES NOT COME WITH THE AQUA KING COUPLING - you will need this if you are trying to fit 13 or16mm hose on it!! If you're looking to hook this up to a Flora Flex micro drip irrigation system, you will need FloraFlexMale Adapter to go with it.

Looking for a complete watering kit - click here!  Or needing a more powerful pump for your drippers (30+ pressure compensated), then go for the Hailes L-Series or the DAB Pump

  • Fully submersible
  • Consistent flow and excellent reliability
  • Highly robust with an excellent build quality
  • Various outlet sizes for easy connection

Aquaking Q2503 - 250 watts
Aquaking Q4003 - 400 watts
Aquaking Q50011 - 500 watts

Flow rate:
Aquaking Q2503 - 5000 litres per hour
Aquaking Q4003 - 7000 litres per hour
Aquaking Q50011 - 10000 litres per hour

Immersion depth :
Aquaking Q2503 - 7 metres
Aquaking Q4003 - 7 metres
Aquaking Q50011 - 7 metres

To fit a 25mm pipe, remove the green screw cover from the female adapter and push the pipe over the top of the prongs that surround the outlet point, using the threads to secure the pipe in place. Dip the end of the pipe in a jug of half boiled water before pushing it on to make the job easier.
To fit a 13mm pipe, first push the screw cover over the pipe so that the threaded end faces the edge of the pipe and push the pipe onto the female adapter so that it sits underneath the prongs on the outlet point. Then screw the cover back into place so that it secures the pipe. The female adapter will click into place whenever it is pushed onto the male adapter, securing it over the outlet point. The pipe and female adapter can be quickly removed from the pump and male adapter by sliding the release mechanism.

Please note: Do not run the Aquaking Sump Pumps dry or you could risk burning out the motor. All Aquaking pumps come supplied with a Euro 2 pin plug.

Check out the FDP unbranded submersible pumps - looks the same but unbranded = more bang for buck. 

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