Aquaking High Pressure Submersible Water Pump

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Size: 2007 - 3600L/H
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Perfect for those looking to move substantial volumes of nutrient solution in large systems. 

  • Aquaking Q2007 - 3600 LPH | 200w | 5m head height
  • Aquaking Q4003 - 7000 LPH | 400w | 8m head height
  • Aquaking Q5503 - 11000 LPH | 550w | 8.5m head height

To connect your pump to:

Looking for a complete watering kit - click here!  Or if you need a more powerful pump and you have a lot of drippers, the commercial option is the DAB Pump

  • Fully submersible
  • Consistent flow and excellent reliability
  • Highly robust with an excellent build quality
  • Various outlet sizes for easy connection

Please note: Do not run the Aquaking Sump Pumps dry or you could risk burning out the motor. All Aquaking pumps come supplied with a Euro to 3 pin UK adapter. 

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