Clarke PSD1A 1¼" 800W 91LPM 30M Submersible Water Pump With Float Switch


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Use this pump if you KNOW you need some serious pressure. As a rule of thumb, the head height divided by 10 is the pressure in bar. This pump then has roughly 3 bar of pressure which is about 43PSI. Most drippers need an optimum pressure of around 25 to 35 psi.

You can get away with less...and in fact, many people do / don't even know that their regular aquaking pump of 7 to 8m head height, is only giving them 11psi.

Note: this has a float switch on it, so tape it to the top of the pump if you don't want it to turn off when the bucket runs dry. People usually do this so they can get closer to the bottom of the reservoir.  Obvously you run the risk of wrecking your pump, so do this at your own risk.

Also be aware, when you taper this pump down in size, you put pressure on the impeller inside so, if you do this, don't expect this pump to last forever and a day. Imagine restricting the opening of a leaf blower...the motor aint going to like it.  

  • Max flow rate 91 l/min
  • Max head (lift height) 30m
  • 800W, 230V induction motor with overload protection
  • 1 ¼” BSP threaded pump outlet
  • Integral carry handle for easy transport

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