IWS Autodrain - Drip and Drain System (Small)

IWSSKU: 9835

Number of Plants: 4 Plant
Option: Drip and Drain Complete
Size: 16mm
Sale price£579.95


Revamped and now with pressure-compensated drippers that will give even watering regardless of plant numbers! This product is for either the auto drain system (catching run off), or, both auto drain AND the drippers as a complete "drip and drain system." Both using STANDARD trays.  

Who is this for: growers that are tired of wet vaccing the runoff from your saucers! Sick of seeing your plants sitting in its juices? Then this is for you. No more sponging, syringing, wet vaccing or tipping out run off - that is so long.  Plants do not like sitting in their juices either as it starves them of oxygen, which makes them weaker and more prone to diseases which will reduce your yield.  

The kits contain:

  1. Control Unit – 1000L/hr
  2. 16mm Fittings & Pipe
  3. Small Stands
  4. Dripper Line & Manifold*
  5. Filter*
  6. FlexiTank* 
  7. Flood Drippers*
  8. Pressure Drippers*

*only included when purchased as the "complete" drip and drain system (ie not included when buying just the "drain" part)

For similar systems, check out Auto Drain, RTA Platforms, Flora Flex Platforms)

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