IWS AutoDrain 6 Pot System

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When growing with soil/coir, roots in pots are starved of oxygen after every watering cycle as they sit in the run-off in saucers. AutoDrain removes run-off fast which prevents rot, increases nutrient uptake and growth and reduces the risk of crop-destroying issues like Pythium. The AutoDrain 6 pot system includes a control pot that collects, holds, then pumps away from the run-off to a drain or bucket for waste or recirculation.

Please note – pots, dripper system kit and reservoir tank are not included in the Autodrain 6 price. These can be bought separately here

The IWS Autodrain from Nutriculture is available as a standard 6 tray system, however extra tray modules can be added as needed.

The Autodrain 6 tray system comprises of –

  • 6 Stands
  • Drain tubing and fittings
  • Control unit with pump

Key benefits:

  • For hand-watering grow techniques in soil or coco
  • Suitable for round/square/air pots & fabric pouches up to 35cm
  • Easily extended to be used with as many pots as required
  • Helps improve nutrient uptake
  • Reduces the risk of root rot/pythium
  • Excess solution can be run to waste or recirculated

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