Grodan - 6" Hugo Block / Cube (with new dripper hole)

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Size: Single Hugo Block
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Same-same..but different; it's the normal Hugo 6" blocks..with an addition of a new "dripper hole" (tell us where to put the dripper). Nope, we're not convinced either and looks like a manufacturing error as the dripper hole is massive and there's only one additional hole. 

However, we're open-minded, and Grodan are releasing marketing materials soon, to educate us on the benefits of this additional hole.  

For now though, check out the alternative, Cultiwool 6" Huge Block.  This is the same size , with no random holes in them.

If you're dead set on getting the regular Grodan blocks, wherever you buy them from, make sure to ask if they have one hole or two holes...because we and our supplier are out of stock of the normal 1 hole ones.

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