FloraFlex Kit - 1 Gallon Quick Fill | 4 Plants


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We get it - there is a multitude of options with Flora Flex, so we have come up with this kit to give you the ease and benefits of automated top feed using the no-fuss 1 gallon Flora Flex Quick Fills with the 6" caps which fit perfectly inside the quick fills, and help distribute the water across the pot, and the multi-flow bubbler that regulates the flow.

Add a timer to this kit to enjoy automated feeding; you don't need to be there!

What you get:

Optional Suggested Extras

  • 100L Water Tank - stick your nutes and pump in this
  • Time-R Water Timer - automate your feeding. This timer is the one, without costing the earth!
  • 16mm inline filter - if you got any bull shit floating in your tank, this will ensure it gets filtered out
  • Pipe Cutter - from experience, you will save yourself a headache if you get one of these!  Don't say we didn't tell you so!:) 


  1. Screw the included hose tail into the pump (depending on the pump it may come with a red rubber ring as well)
  2. Push the 16mm hose onto this hose tail (one end of the pipe is now attached to the pump)
  3. Attach the hose end connector to the other end of the pipe
  4. Attach the hose end connector to the Multi Flow Bubbler (your pump is now connected to the MFB) 
  5. Place the pump into the bottom of your reservoir
  6. Optional - cut the pipe and attach the elbows as required so it corners over the rim of your reservoir
  7. Attach the green pipe to each of the outlets on the MFB (if the green pipe is too long, make sure to cut each length EQUALLY!!)
  8. Unfold each quick fill place each cap into each pot, and attach 2 flora flips to each cap. NOTE: you can dunk each quick fill into a bucket of water to quickly saturate them.
  9. Feed the green Flora Flex tubing from the manifold into each clip 
  10. Important - using a sharp tool, pierce a hole on the underside (so it faces the water) into the 16mm tubing just above your reservoir's water level. This will act as an anti-siphon. Note, water will piss out of this hole when your pumps are on so make sure the hole is facing the water level so it sprays back into the res rather than out of the tank!
  11. You're now good to go! Get yourselves a timer if you want to automate feeding..otherwise if not you will have to manually switch the water pump on and off...
  12. Use the different coloured inserts to control the rate of watering (gold = 2gph, black = 6gph, red = 10gph, blue = 20gph, or take out all the bits inside the bubbler for an "open flow" sytem)

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