AutoPot Flexitank With Tap


Size: 50L
Sale price£39.00


The Autopot Flexitank is available in seven different sizes for replacing a tank that sustains damage. Of course, if you are making your own system they are a great reservoir to use.

For flexi tanks with NO tap at the base, check out the IVXX Flexitank No Tap

They come in a box and will need assembling before use. This makes it very easy to transport and collapse and store when not in use. The strong material is plenty strong enough to withstand the weight and force of the contents when full.

While the Autopot Flexitank is a strong product, please do not drag it about when full. It can cause damage, particularly on the underside

Flexitank Sizes

  • 50 Litre FlexiTank Assembled: 35cm (dia) x 53cm (high)
  • 100 Litre FlexiTank Assembled: 43cm (dia) x 78cm (high)
  • 225 Litre FlexiTank Assembled: 63.5cm (dia) x 81cm (high)
  • 400 Litre FlexiTank Assembled: 68cm (dia) x 111cm (high)
  • 750 Litre FlexiTank Assembled: 90cm (dia) x 117cm (high)
  • 1000 Litre FlexiTank Assembled: 120cm (dia) x 90cm (high)

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