FloraFlex Deluxe Propagator / Incubator Kit + 50 Coco Plugs

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The DELUXE FloraFlex Incubator. This deluxe version over the original, is wider and taller than the original giving your little ones more room to grow with improved airflow within the propagator. The FloraFlex Incubator System is designed to accelerate growth through patent-pending aerated convection.

Note the Deluxe Incubator uses the same 50-cell insert as the original incubator; the rim around the Deluxe Bottom Tray is wider (ie there's more space between the insert and the sides of the dome). 

You can buy the Deluxe Incubator as kits:

Or individually (for replacement, upgrades to the original)

The original FloraFlex Incubator is also available as a kit or as individual components (ie for replacement)

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