FloraFlex Quick Fill Bag - 1 Gallon O2 | 60% WHC


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No more lugging up 50L bags of medium into your grow room - enjoy the convenience of your organic coconut AND pot in one! Just get them into your spot, hydrate them, and you're good to go - no more faffing with sorting out pots and medium! 6" Flora Cap fits perfectly inside the 1 Gallon QuickFill! 

The FloraFlex 1 GAL QUICKFILL™ O2, is an expandable organic coco coir plant medium designed to provide optimal conditions for your plants' growth.

With an expanded volume of 4.6L and a high water holding capacity of 60%, this coco peat blend offers superior moisture retention for healthy and vibrant plants. The FloraFlex 1 GAL QUICKFILL™ O2 is super washed and EC < 0.6, ensuring a clean and balanced medium for your gardening needs. It is CDFA & OMRI certified organic, guaranteeing its quality and adherence to organic standards. With its convenient pre-drilled cent hole and mesh breathable bag, transplanting and maintaining the ideal environment for your plants is a breeze. Upgrade to the FloraFlex 1 GAL QUICKFILL™ O2 and experience the benefits of organic gardening with ease.

  • Expanded volume: 4.6L
  • Coco peat blend
  • Water holding capacity: 60%
  • Super washed for cleanliness
  • EC < 0.6 - Dutch Method 1:1.5 for balanced nutrient absorption
  • CDFA & OMRI certified organic
  • Heavy metals small batch testing with laser printed batch number
  • Pre-drilled cent hole with 3 hole options for micro dripper expansion
  • Mesh breathable bag for airflow
  • Closed top design
  • Expanded dimensions: 6"x6"x6"
  • Coco coir substitution for 6" rockwool cubes

Directions for Use

We recommend expanding the QuickFills with the FloraFlex 2-Way(0.3gph per stake) Micro Dripper Assembly system.

Step 1: Make your reservoir using Week 1 veg formula. (V1:V2:Root Drip, 5g:5g:5 mL per gallon)

Step 2: Lay the QuickFills out on your table, placing one drip stake in each of the pre-drilled holes of the QuickFill cubes.

Step 3: Turn on the irrigation system for 75-90 minutes or until 60% water holding capacity is achieved.

Step 4: Insert your Incubator Plugs into the QuickFills pre-drilled center hole, when they have reached 1/2 expansion. Push coco over top of the Incubator cube to cover it.

Check out the FloraFlex 1 Gallon QuickFill Crop Steering Guide for more details on irrigation strategies.

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