Faran HR-50 Humidifier


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The HR50 Humidifier with Analogue Humidistat HR-EHSA allows you complete control over the air humidity your plants need in order to reach their maximum potential. Whatever your growing space and whatever you grow, incorrect humidity levels in the air can have a disastrous effect on the growth and the development of your plants.

The HR-50 Humidifier connects to any water reservoir and can be used for rooms up to 150m squared.

Recommended Purchases

  • Fitting Kit - use this to connect a water tank to the Faran humidifier
  • Flexi tank - fill this with water and connect to your Faran humidifier using the Fitting Kit above 

For use with soft, purified or RO water only – not for use with hard water.

  • Covers grow rooms up to 150m squared.
  • Easily connected to any water source.
  • For best results connect to a reverse osmosis filter.
  • Sturdy and durable, easily carried.

How to Use

We recommend you only use filtered water within the humidifier, as the minerals within the water will also be vaporised alongside the water. This can lead to a build-up of residue on your equipment, which reduces the efficacy of your bulbs, reflectors and carbon filters.

Plug and play; simply plug the power cord into your wall, top up the tank with distilled/reverse osmosis water and set the dial to the required level of humidity.

Humidity levels:

  • Clones/ Seedlings: 70 – 85%
  • Vegetation: 65 – 75%
  • Flower: 45 – 65%

HR-50 Humidifier - Suitable for rooms up to 150m square.

  • Coverage : 100-150 sq.meters (1,176-1,614 sq ft)
  • Power supply : 110V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz
  • Power consumption : 90W
  • Humidification capacity : 2,500~4,000cc/hour (1.05 gallon/hour)
  • Feed water pressure : less than 5kg/sq.cm.
  • Dimensions : 370 X 370 X 480 mm (14.56″ X 14.56″ X 18.90″)

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