Climalink 3-in-1 Sensor


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Stop guessing and start growing with unbeatable accuracy. Climalink 3-In-1 Sensor is your key to unlocking perfect conditions and detailed insights!

The Modular 3 in 1 Probe for Humidity, Temperature and VPD from Growlink is a highly versatile sensor that provides accurate and reliable measurements of environmental conditions. Add up to 4 climate sensors on a PIC controller.

  • Measure RH, Temp and VPD
  • Temp and pressure compensation with on-board sensors
  • Replaceable sensing module
  • IP65 protection class
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • High insensitivity to pollution
  • User configurable and adjustable

Measuring range Relative Humidity
0…100 % RH (non condensing)
Accuracy Relative Humidity at 25 °C (77 °C) and 20...80% RH
typ. ± 3 % RH

Measuring range Temperature
-40…60 °C (-40...140 °F)
Accuracy Temperature at 5…60 °C (41…140 °F)
typ. ± 0.5 °C (± 0.9 °F)

Output SDI12
15-24 VDC (current)


1 x 3-1 Climate Sensor
1 x Mini Radiation Shield
1 x Mounting Bracket / Screws
1 x 10' Cable

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