Autopot - 25L Pot XL System + Tank


Size: 1 Pot (25L Pot XL System) + 47L Tank
Sale price£53.00


The AutoPot XL is a fully automated, low maintenance, watering system that's the same as the Standard AutoPot system by using an AQUAvalve, rather than pumps & timers, to gravity feed your plants, the only difference is the XL uses 25 litre pots, instead of 15.

The larger AQUAValve5 9mm (outside diameter) are now standard on all Autopots! This bigger pipework, means more effective AquaValve!

Looking to cut costs, save time and get gigantic no-hassle yields? You can do all 3! There’s nothing to plug in or program, not even a timer – setting one of these up is a breeze. Each system runs silently too, since there’s no noisy pump.

  • Low cost - no power needed (gravity fed!)
  • Quiet - no noisy pump
  • Expandable - pots are modular
  • 25L pot capacity
  • Bigger pipework
  • AV5 Systems now with more effective AquaValve

As this solution is absorbed by the plants, the AQUAvalve will not open to replenish the nutrient level in the tray until its all been used, meaning your plants can be grown in a wet and dry cycle allowing them to thrive.

A free-draining substrate such as soil, coco or a 50/50 soil or coco mix with clay pebbles or perlite can be used, but whichever substrate you choose, make sure its absorbent, light, fluffy and free draining in order for you to get the most out of the AutoPot grow system.

Looking for smaller pot size? Take a look at the 15L pot version

Looking just to add on? You can purchase a single 25L complete module here!


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