Athena Full Tilt - The Big Momma Kit

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This is the Full Tilt Big Momma kit; the same professional schedule as the 1 gallon starter kit, but now bundled in the big gals! Save over £165 when getting this bundle!  Make the savings, follow the schedule, reap the rewards. #TrustTheProgram

You can check out their Athena Blended Line Feed schedule, and other associated Athena Procedures here. 

The kit contains
- 1 Gallon Grow A+B
- 5 Gallon Bloom A+ B
- 1 Gallon PK
- 1 Gallon CaMg
- 1 Gal IPM
- 1 Gallon Cleanse  - required usage is tiny in comparison (52ml per litre for a 100L tank!)
- 32oz Stack - dilution is just over 1ml per litre as a foliar spray, so you don't need a lot of it.

For those that may want some PPFD reference and have an Apogee meter: check out the grow guide by Poetry of Plants

This is a complete programme from start to finish. Follow the guide attached (linked above) and you're good to go. 

Suitable for any growing method (hydro, coco or soil!)




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