Adjust-a-Wings Hellion VS3 1000w LED Grow Light


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Adjust-a-Wings Hellion VS3 1000w LED Grow Light

The all-new Adjust-A-Wings Hellion VS3 multi-channel LED brings higher system efficiency along with spectrum and intensity control throughout the plant lifecycle.

With four cutting-edge, high intensity LED fixtures (250W510W700W1000W) the Adjust-A-Wings brand ensures that decades of lighting know-how stand behind these highly innovative, LED grow lights.  

Check out the assembly guide to see how easy it is to set up!

Physical Dimensions & Coverage of Each Model


  • Dimension:
  • Coverage: 75cm x 75cm


  • Dimension:
  • Coverage: 100cm x 100cm


  • Dimension:
  • Coverage: 120cm x 120cm

Full Spectrum


1000W – 150cm x 150cmAll Hellion VS3 LED fixtures to incorporate 3K + 5K white diodes with 660nm Reds to produce a rich baseline full spectrum. Other “full-spectrum” LEDs often use just one white diode type mixed with 660nm Reds and stop there. Combining a rich base (3K + 5K + 660nm) with Far-Red and UV-A diodes delivers a superior quality light, driving increased levels of photosynthesis and promoting higher quality crops. 

Ingenious “micro-reflectors” sit on top of each light bar helping to channel and focus the intense light without resorting to the use of inefficient lenses.

Dial It In

One of the most exciting features, common to all models, is the 3-channel control; three separate drivers run VEG, BLOOM and UV diodes, meaning you can produce stockier, more disease-resistant mothers and juvenile plants, reduce stretch during the transition, and increase biomass and essential oil production in flower.  Dial it in even further with the Master Controller!

Multi-Driver Efficiency

Most LED fixtures cut costs by using one single driver to run the entire fixture, inevitably compromising efficiency. The Hellion VS3 LEDs combine THREE separate drivers dedicated to veg, bloom and UV diodes, allowing new levels of system efficiency.

Deep Canopy Penetration

Adjust-A-Wings specialise in this area! Each light bar sits in its own micro-reflector which help channel photons into the canopy with greater focus and photon intensity. No need for inefficient lenses.

Light Channel Combinations

All HELLION VS3 LEDs are equipped with 3 x independent channels (VEG, BLOOM, UV) for spectral diversity and control. The VEG channel is full-spectrum, rich in Blue. BLOOM is also full-spectrum, rich in Red + Far Red, and UV provides UVA + Near Blue for a fine finish! Find your favourite mix or try our suggestions:

  • Propagation - gradually increase the intensity of the vegetative channel as your plants develop. Some UV can help to strengthen seedlings and cuttings. Keep the Bloom channel at the lowest setting
  • Vegetative Growth - blue-dominant spectrum helps to keep plants squat and bushy, making them easier to illuminate efficiently during the bloom phase. Keep the Bloom channel at the lowest setting.
  • Vegetative to Bloom - combining lower bloom with higher UV and high veg can help to reduce unwanted internodal stretch. Try 20% more bloom if some stretch is desirable.
  • Bloom - increase bloom after the initial development of flowers. The extra Red and Far-Red promote branching and help to increase flower size and density.
  • Ripening/Finishing - additional UV during the final few weeks can help to boost flavours, colours and essential oils. Try leaving all channels on full and raising the fixture (5 -10cm / 2 – 4″) if ceiling height permits.

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