16-17mm Double Layer Tubing


Size: Per Metre
Sale price£1.90


Same as the Floraflex tubing - black on the inside, white on the out, and 16-17mm in diameter.  This double layer hose connects to any of our 16-17mm pipe fittings and serves as a manifold for all FloraFlex Micro Dripper Assembly units.

Think of this as the main delivery line in which you punch holes (using this), and then push the micro drippers in them (eg. 2 way micro drip)

If you made holes in this pipe that you want to plug up, use the goof plugs.

The white outer layer helps to deflect light and keep the temperature in the hose cooler, the opaque black inner layer blocks all light, preventing algae build-up in the hose and keeping the system clean.

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