FloraFlex Micro Dripper Assembly - 1 Way (90cm)


Size: Single
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The FloraFlex 1-Way Micro Dripper Stake Assembly is the perfect solution for precise and efficient plant watering. With a flow rate of 0.6 gallons per hour, this assembly ensures optimal hydration for your plants. Each assembly includes a ½ GPH emitter with a 1-way splitter, a pre-attached micro tube, and torturous path micro tube stake drippers.

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  • Efficient Watering: The FloraFlex 1-Way Micro Dripper Stake Assembly provides precise watering to your plants, ensuring they receive the right amount of water for optimal growth.

  • Pressure Compensating Emitter: The included pressure compensating emitter ensures consistent water distribution, even in areas with varying water pressure.

  • Self-Cleaning Lateral Path: The torturous path design of the microtube ensures that the assembly remains clear of debris, reducing the risk of clogging and ensuring reliable performance.

  • Versatile PSI Range: The recommended PSI range for optimal performance is between 25-35, with a maximum recommended PSI of 50. This allows for flexibility in different watering setups.

  • Compatible with Various Pump Systems: The FloraFlex 1-Way Micro Dripper Stake Assembly is compatible with pump systems that have a max head height/total lift of at least 40 feet, meeting the minimum pressure requirements.

Included ½ GPH emitter (± 2L / h) is pressure compensated with a self-cleaning lateral serpentine path.

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