FloraFlex Bubbler Fitting Install - the Ultimate Guide!

FloraFlex systems are great ! They're scalable and have infinite options depending on room size, watering method, your grow style - there is a FloraFlex system for everyone! 

However, it might be a little daunting trying navigate the different FloraFlex systems!  

There are two core systems;

  • Micro drippers - for  low volume, high frequency feeds
FloraFlex Micro Dripper
  • Bubbler sytem - more free flowing and high volume less frequent

FloraFlex Bubbler System

In this guide, we'll focus on components required to install the Bubbler system - this is a work in progress guide (26th Jan 23 latest edit!) as we build up the pictures to help paint a thousand words. For now though we just wanted to get the information out there for those that have been asking.

For those impatient readers (me!) that just want to know what you need - eveyrthing is listed in this shopping cart list , and also reproduced below:

FloraFlex Components

All Other Components