Zip-Zag Brand Bags


Size: 30g | Small Bag (25 Pack)
Sale price£13.49


Very different from your sandwich / freezer bags you get from the supermarket! They form an air tight seal preventing smells escaping regardless how pungent the material, and Zip-Zags can be used again and again - puncture resistant, won't perish or tear, making them a much better investment.

The renowned Zip-Zag Bags now in Black. Zip-Zag® Brand Bags are purpose made, re-sealable bags, manufactured using a specialized material and patented ‘Dual Lock’ zipper system able to withstand over 200lb of pressure without the need of heat sealing.

Zip-Zag® Brand Bags have taken ‘re-sealable’ bags to a whole new level. Their unique manufacturing process and exhaustive quality control guarantees a re-sealable, reusable storage bag that works on a molecular level. Guaranteed that goods stay fresh and aromas stay safely sealed inside.

  • Throw in a Boveda Humidity Tablet and perfect for curing
  • Choose from an array of sizes
  • Leak-proof, resealable and re-useable
  • Low oxygen transfer rate
  • Preserves flavours and aromas
  • Prevents the oxidation of precious essential oils
  • Protects contents from outside pathogens
  • Heat sealable
  • Manufactured in Canada

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